How to Control Construction Site Dust?

During construction, a mobile kitchen trailer in Los Angeles can help in making sure that what you are eating is free of construction dust. A mobile kitchen rental in Los Angeles is one of the go-to solutions when it comes to construction, expansion, or renovation when the kitchen is off limits and cannot be used. It is often advised to have a mobile kitchen for rent in Los Angeles during construction in most establishments such as schools, major hospitals, assisted living homes, restaurants, and local business in order to ensure the food being served to the people are contaminant-free.

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The mobile kitchen Los Angeles can address the food contamination concern on construction sites, however, there are still some serious health hazards factors that should be controlled and managed. Construction dust is more than just a nuisance as it is more of a health hazard with a real risk to your lungs. It is a silent killer that everyone working in the construction industry should address. Containing the dust on site is very important especially in protecting the health of construction site personnel. Here are some ways on how to reduce the risk of dust when performing standard tasks on construction sites.

How to Control Construction Site Dust

Water Dampening

This is an effective method that is a bit tricky and difficult to manage. Before beginning the construction work, the site needs to be thoroughly soaked and a constant flow of water is to be maintained while doing the task. This is to prevent the dust particles from being airborne. To pull this off, it is necessary to have sufficient supply and access to water.

Extraction and Filtration

Another method that works really great in reducing construction dust risks for site personnel is using specialist extraction and filtration units. Dust extraction and filtration system along with barriers and enclosures can efficiently manage and contain construction dust. Furthermore, it can also cut potential clean-up costs when working on sensitive surroundings.

Power Tools

There are power tools that have vacuum extractors capable of sucking up dust at the point of . These tools are very effective and can remove nearly 90% of dust at the point of generation. However, this means of controlling construction dust is only for those who have the money for it since the tools can cost about $6,000 to $7,000. While it is a very effective way to control dust, it should be pondered upon if the additional cost is worth it depending on the situation.

Air Scrubbers

These tools are small portable machines that pull dusty air in, filter it, and then send out clean air vented out a window. This is one way to capture construction dust while it is airborne. The size of these air scrubbers varies depending on the scope and square footage involved. It should also be noted that the filter should be changed every minute. It might be a bit costly depending on the work that needs to be done.